We envision a church in which members engage in authentic, biblical worship that connects the heart and the mind with God. The singing ministry of the church will minister to all ages by using theologically sound hymns that anchor the church to our past, while using Biblically sound new songs to speak to a new generation about the glory and majesty of our God. Drawing upon the emotional, heart-felt connection through the singing ministry, members and guests alike will be challenged with Biblical sermons that are Christ-centered that impart truth while equipping believers to apply Scripture to daily life and calling non-Christians into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


We envision a church in which believers at First Baptist Church Livingston are moved along the process of discipleship. We believe we have been charged by Jesus in Scripture to make disciples, which means that whether we receive a person who is new to the faith or a longtime Christian, we are to invest in each person so that they may grow in Christ-likeness and equip them to make disciples in their walk with Christ as well. Making disciples will be taking place through the preaching of sermons, teaching in classes, as we are serving our community, and in our relationships with one another in the church.

Bible-Centered Teaching

We envision First Baptist Church Livingston being a Gospel-centered, Bible teaching community of faith. The teaching that takes place in the church, whether it is sermons, Sunday school classes, or discipleship classes, will have Scripture as the foundation for all instruction. While the content of our teaching will always be Scripture, the methods we use to teach God’s Word must adapt to the culture around us knowing that multiple platforms will allow us to reach more people for the cause of Christ. This teaching is not only meant to increase the knowledge of those who are attending, but learners will be equipped to apply their knowledge to their everyday lives so they can grow in their personal relationship with Christ and see God’s Word applied to every area of their lives.

Family Friendly

We envision First Baptist Church Livingston being a church in which families are intentionally ministered to in order to help them grow spiritually stronger. We will equip married couples to be the godly husbands and wives God calls each of them to be. We will equip parents to teach their children God’s Word and biblical truths. Also, we will supplement what parents teach by offering classes and ministries that reinforce Scripture and truth so that boys and girls can come to know Christ as their Savior and grow up to be the man or woman of God that they were created to be. We will equip and minister to grandparents in order that they may be able to share their spiritual wisdom and maturity with their family and invest in the generations coming behind them.

Evangelistic and a Heart for Missions

We envision First Baptist Church Livingston will actively seek to share the Gospel with the people of Livingston and Overton County by building relationships that lead to conversations about Christ. Also, we will seek opportunities to tell people about Jesus through mission opportunities in Tennessee, our country, and around the world.   We do this out of our love for Christ and out of obedience to God’s commands to multiply and further the Kingdom of God, with the objective of seeing people in the places that do not worship God come to know Christ and start worshiping Him.

Serving Others

We envision First Baptist Church Livingston being a church which meets the needs of those who are “the least of these” in our community by giving of our time, talent, and treasure for the glory of God. As we are meeting these needs, we will seek opportunities to share the Gospel with those we are helping so they can know that what we do is motivated by God’s love for every person. We will seek to meet these needs through programs that help numerous people at one time, as well as helping one-on-one and helping families as opportunities present themselves. The goal with all of these ministries is to not create dependence, but to use these ministry opportunities as stepping stones to self-sufficiency when possible.

Develop Leaders

We envision First Baptist Church Livingston being a place in which leaders are developed in all areas of our church. These leaders will use their biblical growth as leaders and learn how to apply their leadership gifts and skills in the church, home, school, workplace, neighborhoods, and every place God sends our members. As part of this leadership development, we will seek to develop the next generation of leaders who will seek to influence the church and the culture for the cause of Christ. This must be done knowing that the culture will continue to deteriorate as long as the church loses influence as salt and light in positions of authority in schools, businesses, and government. Therefore, we will intentionally find, develop, and equip students and children to be leaders in their school while preparing them for adulthood and the leadership responsibilities God will entrust to them in the future.