Discipleship is an important part of being a Christian. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus gave the church the Great Commission, or mission of the church. That mission is to make disciples. A disciple is a person who takes on the knowledge and characteristics of the teacher. In other words, a Christian is supposed to think and act like Jesus.

At First Baptist Church Livingston, we seek to help people become more like Jesus through the various teaching ministries of the church. We offer Sunday school classes at 9:00 am that seek to teach basic biblical truths to people in every stage of life: from preschool, children, students, college, young married couples, couples, to senior adult. Each stage of life presents unique challenges to applying God’s truth to everyday life. In a Sunday school class, you can learn with others in a similar life situation on how to live out God’s Word on a daily basis and ask questions that will help you personally apply truth.

For those who want to learn beyond the basics and move to a more detailed study on a particular topic, we offer Discipleship Training classes on Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm. The topics covered will vary but may include an in-depth look at a Bible book, a study of a particular Bible character, or a study on a topic like how to study or prayer. To find what classes are being offered, please check our church calendar, look at the weekly worship guide, or contact the church office at office@fbclivingston.com.


Stages of Spiritual Growth

One of the important steps in growing spiritually is honestly assessing where you are in the spiritual growth process. Just like what happens with someone physically there is a process for growth. Jim Putnam in his book Real Life Discipleship talks about the five stages of spiritual growth. 
Below are the five stages of spiritual growth and the distinguishing characteristic in that stage:
Dead: Unbelief
Infant: Ignorance
Child: Selfishness
Young Adult: Service
Parent: Intentionality
The teaching ministry of First Baptist Church Livingston is intended to help each person move through these stages and grow in spiritual maturity. You are encouraged to take advantage of worship services, Sunday school classes, and discipleship classes to help you in your journey in growing as a disciple.
Steps for Spiritual Growth and the Purpose of the Step
1. Worship Service: to Know Christ
2. Sunday School Class: to Grow in Christ
3. Bible Study/Discipleship Training: to Grow in Christ
4. Serve Others (volunteer in a ministry or teach a class): to Serve and Share Christ
5. Mentor/Disciple Others: to Serve and Share Christ